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Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 194

Hey you! Today has been crazy so far! Last night we recieved an email from the Wilhites (missionaries to Africa) that said they were in Canada and they could come visit us. I was very excited! We wrote for years, but we've never met. They tried to come 4 years ago, but we were gone. So we frantically cleaned the house and came up with a meal plan. lol We made it work! So far we've had a blast! Everyone hit off. The boys played basketball, the parents told horror stories about having kids (JK!) and your sister, Dyanna, Debrianna and I went to tim hortons!:) Tonight, I'm spending the night with Dyanna. I'm going to miss her soooo much. I probably won't see her again for another five years. :'( So kiddo, I'm gonna let you go early. I love you soo much!

Your Sister,


Ps Dyanna wants to know if you're kicking at all? She wanted to feel you when you earlier, but
you weren't moving. lol

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