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Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 171

Dear little one! If I ever decide to do cyclefit again, shoot me! lol My legs are killing me!!! Plus, I did the route, which was walking, then I went to the mall with everyone for back to school shopping. To make matters worse I took the subway, which has a LOT of stairs to get there. lol So next week when I'm not in pain and want to take the class, remind me of what it's like. :)
Your mommy and daddy went shopping, or I guess window shopping is a better way to put it. They are trying to find you a stroller. It's hard to find, we need one that is tall enough so your daddy and brothers (they're 6'3 and 6'2; I think.) can push it without breaking their backs, but small enough were it won't take up a bunch of room in our small apartment. The first seems to be waay harder than the latter. They found one that could possibly work, but it was $350, so they're going to try to find one in the states.
Tonight I went to a little birthday thingy for a friend from the women's dropin where I volunteer. We've become really good friends, at first we didn't hit off, but now were pretty close. It was fun. I got to meet some new people, they had some funny stories, I'm suprised my abs aren't sore. haha
Your brother Micah is sleeping next to me weasing in his sleep, I think I should wake him up and give him some ashma medicine, but I don't know...gee-wiz, where's a mother when you need one. hahaha I'm kidding. Well, I'm gonna get off, I'm helping in the morning with the route, and 2 o'clock is going to come VERY early. lol I love you!!!!

Your Sister,

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