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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 188

Dear Tucson, You're 27 weeks old today!!! About 13 weeks and you should be here! I'm getting so excited, I do wish time would fly, but I can't complain really, because it's not going by too terribly slow.
Today, we kind of changed things up a bit. I took Micah to the library. I think everything good was checked out. He didn't get one book and we were there for a VERY long time. lol I found him a few books, so that seemed to satisfy him.
Your daddy's gone today, he went to Canada's National Preacher's Conference with 2 other preachers. Hopefully, the meeting is going good. They were serving steak, so I'm assuming the food is going to be good. :)
I miss your daddy's when he's gone, but I love the simplicity of meal plans. Tonight, it's just go for what you know. Something that's rarely done when your daddy's here. I guess it's easier to please 5 kids, than one man. Of course your daddy would never complain if we did do that, and many times he helps us cook dinner to make it easier on us. I do like a full meal, but sometimes I just wants french fries and gravy with cheese on top, something completely unhealthy, but delicious! Of course kitchen clean-up is a lot easier, too. So you can see there's many reasons why I enjoy it, but I understand why we can't do that every night. One, your brothers would starve, because they wouldn't have enough to eat. Two, they would eat completely unhealthy. Three, they would use all their money to go by McDonalds...and the list goes on, but hey, once in a while it's perfectly fine to have "go-for-what-you-know-nights." That is something your grandma~Hazel invented.(your mommy never had that growing up.) I wish you would've been able to meet her. She was a beautiful woman inside and out. She was so proud of all her grandchildren. Once every year or so, her and Papa-Alexa (your grandpa) would actually take 4 kids for 2 weeks. It was a blast. I still have great memories of her and those summer trips. She used to keep this little notebook on top of the fridge (so we couldn't reach it) and she would write down everything we'd done wrong while our parents were gone. She would always worn us if we didn't straighten up she was going to show the list to our parents when they came to pick us up. Miracle of all miracles, we never got in trouble. :) Years later we asked our parents if they ever knew about that, and they were said, "YOU WERE BAD FOR GRANDMA HAZEL?????" Yea, that didn't go over too well. It would of been better for us, to have left the we were perfect for her image in their heads. lol
I gotta go kiddo, Landon and I are going to the store! I love you!!!

Your Sister,

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