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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 192

Hey kiddo! How's life in your world? :) Today's been a lazy day for me. I guess I wasn't too lazy, I did do the paper route. I can't wait to sleep all through the night!! lol After though, all I did was sleep and clean a little bit.
Did I tell you the boys were going to join a basketball house league? Today, they went for an evaluation. Next week is draft night. Scouts from the rep team were there, and they thought the boys were great! They offered to pay their way for rep league! The rep coaches said the practices were on Thursday and Sunday, and when they (your brothers) said they couldn't play on Sunday. They were willing to change the practice day just so they could play! Plus, the coaches were fine with them missing Sunday games in Tournaments. The decision hasn't been made to whether they're going to accept, but it was an honor that they were chosen!
It was funny, I did my hair tonight (straightened it.) and after I did it, I was doing laundry, so your daddy comes up to me(btw we have the BEST dad in the whole world!)and says, "wow, you must be really serious about that laundry, if you're gonna fix it just for that." hahaha I thought it was really funny, simple things amuse me. I told him I was trying to give a new and improved look for housewives. ahaha
Well, I'm going to hit the sack, I love you!!!!

Your Sister,

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