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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 183

Dear Tucson, how are things in your world? Mine is crazy! lol I can't remember if I told you or not, but I volunteer at a women's shelter. The drama this week has reached an all time high, seriously, it's crazy! I wish some people would learn to grow up. It's so stressful, and it wears you down. The shelter is run by all women, so obviously just starting with that you know there's going to be problems. lol It's dumb really, but without Christ how can it get any better ya know? I hope one day, they will get saved. It could be the first all Christian woman's shelter in Toronto. :) Now that would be something!
Landon got his cast off today. He was pretty excited about that. He went outside and played basketball most of the afternoon. Although, his wrist is still really stiff, so he's using his left some. The doctor said everything looked great on the x-Ray, which I'm very thankful for! If not, they would've put him to sleep and rebroke it.
We got a thank-you letter from Jimmy's parents today. (the kid who had cancer in his leg, but God healed it.) They said he's doing great, his leg is fine. He started football practice last week, and his coaches said he looked great! God truly is an amazing God! Don't ever be afraid to ask for the impossible, because the God we serve is the God of impossible. There's this verse in Gen. 18, that's says, "Is anything to hard for the LORD?" The answer is no!
It rained almost all day today. Afterwards though, it was beautiful outside. :) Micah started taekwondo back tonight. They found him a spot on Thursdays, where he will be in a class with kids his age, instead of the family taekwondo of all ages. He seemed pretty excited and he said he had fun, so that's good. I've watched the class, I don't really think they look enjoyable, but hey he's 8, he likes a lot of things I don't. ;)
An update on the paper route, they extended our fill in for an extra week, so another week of fold, fold, rubber band, and throw. lol Thank the Lord for His provision.
Well, I think that's all for today. I love you!!!

Your Sister,

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