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Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 184

Hey kiddo! I'm posting a picture of your mommy and I that Alexa took last Sunday. She was 25 weeks along. Doesn't she look beautiful? This pregnancy thing has really been good for her. :) haha She's always been pretty though. I read in one of her million pregnancy books, that during your 2nd trimester you look really good. Your face glows, your hair is really shiny and healthy looking, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember. lol It's a lot to take in. I lost track of how many books I read. Somewhere between 10 and 20 I was amazed and completely horrified at the thought about being pregnant. Your mommy has really opened my eyes to what it was like. I've seen in it movies, they make it look like a piece of cake.
So this post is going to be extremely short, because I found out we have to deliver 243 papers tomorrow, which is a lot. Your daddy told me to go to bed early tonight, which I'm gonna try, but I don't know what my allergies are going to do. lol He said lay in bed if I can't sleep. I never got why parents tell you that. Do they realize that's one of the most boring things to do??? You tell them you can't sleep, so they say rest your eyes, so I'm thinking, um... surely, there's another way to do that. I do think watching tv and laying down is more productive, you see the tv makes you sleepy, or at least it does me. So that helps me go to sleep faster. I've tried taking meds (for my allergies) to knock me out, but that hasn't been working, or so I thought, then last night I couldn't sleep hardly at all, so I guess something is better than nothing. I think I'm going to have your daddy get me some Claritin when he goes to the States next month. Anyway, now that I've rambled on about nothing. I guess I'll try to "rest my eyes" since obviously I don't have anything good to tell you. :)
I love you though, if I could tell you anything in the world and that was all I could tell you, it would be I LOVE YOU, I really do.

Your Sister,

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