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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day 193

Dear Little One, since you're so big now, I can feel you move almost everyday! I love it. It's still hard to believe a baby is inside my mommy's tummy, but it's true. Today, you were doing this weird movement, it felt like you were rubbing your arm across your mommy's inside, then it felt like you were jabbing her with your elbow. (she said that was pretty painful, so try to tone that down a bit. lol)
Today, your sister and I went and got coffee, at that new little place I told you about. They have some of THE best coffee. I'm addicted to it. It's americano coffee, so it's super strong! but I've had 3 in one week! I need to tone that down a bit.
I've enjoyed my day or night off rather! It's amazing how sleepy through one night really feels. lol I have one more day off and it's back to the grind. Sorry, this post is so short. Nothing exciting happened today. I love you!!

Your Sister,

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