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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Day 179

Hey little one! Today was a really nice day. It was a little on chilly side. We went to church, and then afterwards we had yummy Philly steaks. We all ate outside for probably the last time of this year. :( good-bye summer. I'm going to miss you, come back soon! :) After dinner we all went over the fence and played a little basketball. Well, minus your mommy. (You should've seen her, she looked beautiful today.:) Your brothers are monsters on the court! They are like the twin towers. I can't get any rebounds, and they block all my shots. Ok, I did make two, but out of two games. Sometimes I don't even jump, because when they jump it's almost impossible to get the ball. Plus, I'm scared they're gonna plow into me, which they did a couple of times. lol I'm blessed to have walked away without an injury. haha ;)
Right now everyone's working on the new Nancy drew came. I found it rather ironic the setting for the mystery is in Canada. This game is very frustrating, we've been trying to crack this game inside the game to get a code we need, but so far we haven't beat it. :( Oh, well, we're gonna try again tomorrow.
You know how I said our manager would call us soon? He did. lol He called the day he knew your daddy was coming home, but he told him he needed a day to recover. So we're starting tomorrow. Well, I'm not, your daddy and sister are going to take the first run. So praise God from whom all blessings flow, He's once again provided us with a way to meet our needs. :)
Well, kiddo, I've got some emails to catch up on. I love you!!!!

Your Sister,

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