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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 170

Hey you! We've made it to a new digit.:) Ok, I decided that the gravity instructor isn't a serial killer, he's just a nice extremely hard trainer. :) He also teaches cyclefit class, which is a LOT harder than gravity. Your daddy used to make us take it once a week. It's a real pain in the butt literally. :p lol I've gotton out of the habit, so I have decided to work myself up to it. On Tuesday I took the class for 10 minutes, and today I did it for 20 min. Bob(the instructor) told me to get out of bed earlier so I can get to the gym in time for the whole class...we shall see about that. :) lol
It's Thursday, so I took Micah to the library. The guy who works there is a real pain, I don't think he likes us. lol One week he wanted us to pay $9 for a book that only cost $6, because we had spilled water on it. I don't mind paying for a book IF we had ruined it, but it wasn't. (it just wasn't completely dry, which I didn't even know or I wouldn't of taken it back, Micah just threw it in the bag. So I went back the next time to plead my case with the head librarian, and she agreed with me, and she said, what that guy did was wrong, he shoud've never did that without first consulting her. When we went today, he was super nice to us, (the library is very small, and we pretty much know every worker, so we chat with them when we first go in)then the lady left, and he was rude again. Such is life kiddo. lol
We got another temporary route, which we start tomorrow and it goes through Monday morning. It has it's pros and cons. The pros are that we get to do the weekend which are the best paid days and the cons are it's a very short fill in, it starts tomorrow, and it will be on Sunday our service of new beginnings and I will be super tired. lol Well, kiddo, I gotta go, I love you!!!

Your Sister,

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