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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day 172

Hey kiddo! How's things in your world? Today,(or rather this morning) I did the paper route with your daddy. I was sooo tired. lol It was the worst day, I wanted to cry. I was hoping your daddy would just pull over and let me go hide behind a tree and let the tears fall. Of course this is real life, so that didn't happen. Work is money and money pays bill. It's a necessary part of life. Sometimes the job sucks, and you just keeping going. You don't go cry, because you don't want to do something, you, well, you do like your daddy taught us, "suck it up like a man and take it." I tried to be thankful, but at 3 in the morning it wasn't working out too well. Anyways, since it was Saturday, there were soooo many papers! I thought it would never end. Plus, it rained so we had to bag the papers which takes even longer. Your daddy saw I was struggling, he tried to cheer me up, by saying, were actually doing really good on time, which by now it was 5, but I looked at the papers and knew we had at least two hours left. I wanted to throw the papers away, but I didn't for two reasons, unfortuantely, the latter being the main driving force. One because of our Christian testimony with our manager, and two we needed the money for bills. Oh, and I guess three, I don't want to ever get fired. lol Finally, around 6, I got my burst of energy and I was good for the rest of the morning.:) I must confess, at the end of the route, we got Tim hortons, and I got 10 chocolate timbits, yes, you read that right, 600 calories! I decided it was worth it, the first five were delious, but the next 5 I thought about how hard that would be to work off. lol :) I guess the moral to the story is, don't ever get an early morning paper route unless that's your ONLY option. lol In all seriousness, God was good to give us the work the exact time we needed it.
I have a kind of funny story for you. This morning your mommy told me to get dog bones for Daisy (her leg is doing fine by the way) at the mall. So I'm looking for the pet store, and finally, I ask the lady at the information book. She's said, we don't have a pet store in this mall, so I said, yes, there was this one on the corner, and I told her the name. She's said, ma'am that's stores been out for a year and a half. hahaha So said, oh, sorry, to bother you. lol So I get home and your mommy's said, oh, well, I haven't been to that mall in a while. :) lol
Well, I think I'm gonna hit sack, I think I may be going on the route tomorrow, I can't remember if Alexa is or not. I love you!!!

Your Sister,

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