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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day 189

Hey little one!! I hope you are doing great today. I'm alive, and very much blessed. I'm extremely tired, but my coffee has me awake enough were I can function, but I can't sleep. ;) I'm on the bus now going to teach a piano lesson. Your sister is on call this week as a babysitter for a doula. (someone who helps and encourages in a home birth.) So she's unable to do the route. I have no idea how she does this during the week. lol I'm generally only the weekend fill-in and once during the week to give her a break. This morning was hectic! I only got 3 hours of sleep, then we left for the route (your poor daddy only got about an hour and a half, because he got back late from the meeting.) The papers were supposed to be there at 3:15, and we're supposed to be there at 3. So at 3:15 our manager text us and says the papers  won't be here till 3:55. So 3:55 rolls around the corner, and we get a knock on the window, during the storm the power went out, they don't know when the papers are going to be there! By now I've slept all I can sleep, and I'm thinking about quitting. So finally around 5:15 the papers get there. By now I'm completely shot. I didn't have a coffee, so I can barely keep my eyes open. (did I mention your daddy snored the whole time??!! :) I try not to let myself get overwelmed, but it was very hard this morning! Finally, we get back a little after 8. I eat breakfast chat for a bit with the boys and at 9 I'm in bed for an hour, then I get up and go meet my friend for coffee. (it was delicious!) We had a nice time together. By the time I get home, talk with your mom for a bit, make myself and Micah lunch. I'm ready to crash, then I remember it's my day to clean the kitchen. :( lol I clean it, make your mommy something to eat. I try to sleep cuz I only have an hour, but the coffee was still in my system. So 20 min. later I'm out the door to go teach piano. Then I'll go to church and crash (hince the reason I'm writing my blog now.) as soon as I get home! Then I'll wake up and do it one more day...You know kiddo, we've been blessed. Some people go and work a full day after there route. Thankfully, we don't have to. Sometimes I wonder if God's been too good for us ya know? People in 3rd world countries would give anything to live the way we do. 
The key I've found in keeping this up is having your devotions. I know you'd prolly think it doesn't make sense, and sleep is the answer, but it's not. I'd tell you to try one day without reading your Bible and praying, but I don't want you to miss a day. I know you may, but do your best not to. Stay in the Word. It can make and break you. It's amazing how having that time with God changes your whole attitude! When I go without it, I'm very irritable, I have no patience, and I'm very hard to get along with. At camp two years ago, this preacher gave us this example: A famous piano player practiced 15 hours a day. He said he could go one day without practicing, and no one would notice, he could go two days and only his friends and family could tell he didn't practice, but if he went three days without practicing, the whole world knew he hadn't practiced. It's the perfect example of a Christian who hasn't had his devotions! Sometimes I can fake it for one day, but on the second day I'm history. So as my friend, Andrew, tells me everytime we talk, "stay in the WORD!" I love you! 

Your Sister,

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