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Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 187

Dear Little One, I got to feel you kick so strong today!!! I was suprised at how strong it was! It was very painful for your mommy though. You must be very strong, because your mommy said none of the rest of us kicked as hard as early as you do. :)
I don't really like this time of year, it's beautiful outside, but inside it's really sticky(they turned the air off) and our allergies are all bad, so no one sleeps good at night. It's all because we're caught in the middle of summer and fall. It's a lot like life ya know? If you're caught in the middle between God and yourself, it's never good. You find yourself always wanting more. Part of you wants all of God so your emptiness can be filled, while the other part of you longs to please yourself, and since you're only fueling the flesh with pleasure half of the time, you wonder what it's like if you go all the way. When in reality pleasing the flesh is a cheap imitation of what God wants to do for you. I'll never forget something my friend told me back in '08, it was something that would forever help me. He said, "it's all or nothing." At first I tried to argue, I said, "No, somethings better than nothing." He replied it's not like that with God. The more I learn, that's so true. It's all or nothing. I know sometimes the world will look pretty good, and for a season it is good, but when reality sits in and everything comes crashing down, it's that complete faith in Jesus Christ that you long for, because deep down inside, you know that's what you not only want, but need. Choose Jesus Christ, Tucson, choose Jesus. I love you!!!

Your Sister,

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