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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day 227

Hey Little One. Today, is your mother's birthday. I would tell you how old she is, but I'm not because I'm a nice daughter like that. ;) A little hint is, however much older she is than me, double that and subtract one. hehe Okay, so maybe I'm not such a nice daughter...She loved her gifts. :) We did good this year.  I was so happy when she finally opened them. :)

We had a brisket, she hasn't had one in 9 years. (they don't sell them hear in Canada) She's really been wanting one, so when we were in the states yesterday we bought one. It was VERY good. I loved it. It was huge, so it will probably last us for 3 meals, which is great! My dad made her, her favorite dessert-four layer dessert. It's a weird name I know, but I guess who ever decided on the name, called it like they saw it.

Today, was THE longest paper route day EVER. The new route we have has 271 on Saturdays, so that's a bunch. Plus, he wanted us to do another route when we we're finished. That's the most houses we've done on a Saturday. So by the time we were almost done we were beat, we were on this one street and we only had 14 papers left. Our dad had decided that was enough. (not a bad idea:) So Papa is stuffing this paper in a door hole, which isn't working that great. Then from across the street we here, "Reiner, two pieces." (You would love the guy, he's really funny, but super nice. We're very happy to work for him. He's Polish, so he has this really cool/funny accent. I love him.) Alexa asked, "Is that Andy???" Sure enough our manager was waiting for us to get to that house, so he could bring us not only the new route list, but all of the papers and flyers for it. I mean how can you say no to that right??? I was cracking up, I couldn't believe he was actually waiting for us! So being the nice, can't say no to people, people we are, we took it. First, we had to have a little break to tank up, we were very hungry by then. Thankfully, the route was very easy, so we finished in less than an hour. I was very happy. I'm going to be even happier and grateful when I see the pay check. :) Well, I'm trying not to fall asleep at the computer. I love you!!!

Your Sister,

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