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Friday, October 29, 2010

Day 226

Hey you! We're driving back from Buffalo. We were supposed to pick up something for you, but it wasn't in. :( Its ok though, we were able to find something for your mommy for her birthday, so I am very thrilled about that! I think she's going to love it. ;) I love giving people gifts, sometimes I think I'm more impatient for the persons birthday than they are, so I can see them open their gift! 
We were in Walmart when I called your mommy, she picks up and says, "ER." I'm said, "what?" So she's said, oh you didn't get my email? Samuel sprained or broke his ankle. We're getting ready to go to the ER. Just this morning as we were driving to Buffalo, I thought it will be a miracle if we can make it without an injury this week, because just after Landon's hand was better, Micah broke his toe. Samuel said he heard it snap, and so did a guy on the other side of the court. So they went to the ER and we were all praying it wasn't broken. A couple hours later we get a call, it's not broken, he just sprained it really and has to stay off of it for a week. I was texting Samuel, and I said, well, thank God Almighty it's not broken. Then I said, who knows God might've healed it. He text back and said, he thought He had. Now we'll never know on this side of eternity if He did, but the fact is that it's possible. I know you're probably thinking that's impossible, and on all points that's my first instinct, too. Yet the Bible says clearly many different times, nothing is too hard for God and He can do the impossible. So that's all I'm trusting in, which is a pretty safe place to be. :) I am VERY thankful that it's broken. God is good, very good. I love you little one! 

Your Sister, 

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