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Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 222

Dear Little One, today I went and spent the day with a friend. I had so much fun. She has the cutest little baby boy! I just loved holding him, I can't wait till I can hold you! He was such a sweet little one, he hardly ever cried and was very content! He had the brightest blue eyes. I hope you will be friends with him when you're a little older. He's only about 6 months older than you. :) 
Right now I'm on the train back to Toronto. The train is so much nicer than the subway. :) On a bonus, I got to catch the express train which will take me all the way there with only one stop. :) 
Now that I saw Katie's baby, I can't wait till you come. I hope you enjoy this wonderful, crazy, beautiful, sometimes magical thing God choose to call life! It's an amazing gift, one I know I don't deserve, but I'm so thankful for, I've been blessed, real blessed, and to think in a month or so, I'll have another sibling. God's been good, real good. If I spent my whole life thanking Him, it would never be enough. I hope you get to know the God I serve way better than I do, believe me, it's worth going through the valley for, it really is. I love you little one! 

Your Sister, 

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