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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Day 207A

Hey Little One! Today has been a great day so far and it's not even over...It started out bright and early, your daddy and I went to visit a church that is about 45 minutes away just to be a blessing to the people. (Tomorrow is the Canadian Thanksgiving, so the Library is closed, therefore, we are meeting at a different location just for tonight.) I can't believe I used to get up early every morning to go to church...(we meet in the afternoons, I can't remember if I told you that.) I'll tell how I did it...a LOT of coffee and a LOT of makeup. ahaha I must say this, it's so worth it. I almost missed our morning service. I was so blessed, it was so refreshing to see people sooo excited just to be at church. I couldn't believe it, they were so happy for the simple fact they were at church. :) I got a blessing in Sunday School, the teacher was teaching on the Nehemiah and when he helped build the wall. She gave the practical example, of how they built the wall around their city to keep their enemies out, and how we as Christians need to build a wall around our lifes, so that the devil can't get in. If we were not build just one brick, the devil could get in. A lot of time, we build the wall, but maybe we'll leave a hole here and there, or we'll forget to put mortar in between the bricks. In worship service, the pastor preached on being thankful. I realize how little I thank God, I mostly only thank Him for the good things He's done, I'll thank Him for the bad, but I just don't thank Him enough, ya know?
I had something in my devotions last night, I wanted to tell you about. I was reading in Numbers, and it was talking about how the LORD directed them through a cloud. If the cloud moved, they went forward on their journey, but if it stayed, then they stayed, whether 2 days, a month, or a year, they stayed. Sometimes in life, you will be at the same place(and I'm not just talking about in the same house, in life in general) for a long period of time. That's okay, just stand still. It maybe so hard,(if you're anything like me, it's harder than hard. :) but do it. Don't try to rush forward for God, because sometimes He wants to teach you something, follow the cloud. I know I've told you so much, but I promise you, if you listen, you will never regret it. I love you!

Your Sister,

PS I'm starting this early, when I get home from church I will write Day 207B, but I didn't want to forget to tell you that part. :)

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