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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day 210

Hey kiddo! Today, was the midwife appointment. Everything looks great. :) The measurments are perfect, and your heartbeat was strong! We had the appointment with Mary today. The last couple of visits have been with Pam, because Mary had either been on holiday or on call. They're both super nice. I'm not sure if they're the kind of people you want 20 years from now to walk up to you and say, oh, hey, I delievered you, I remember when you first came out all bloody and ugly. lol Frankly, I can't think of any one I would classify as those type of people, but, it's all part of life and someones got to do it. They're both very intelligent and have been delievering babies for many years, so I feel that you and your mother are in great hands! For you, it's just oldest sibling instincts, but for our mother, it's well hard to explain how I feel about her... I'm kind of like a mom to my mom, I'm very protective, and I have to make sure everything is okay for her. Ohhh, and guess what???!!! Your mommy has decided she thinks you have my personality! She said you're VERY determined. I told her that was great. We're outnumbered,
so you should make it even. Samuel is the other sibling like me. :) Plus, since you will be in the home a while after everyone's gone, she'll need someone like that. Now, I expect you to respect your mother like none other, if you don't I will have a cow, and I will come take care of you! She's the best anyone could ask for. I love her so much. We have been blessed by Almighty God. :) Don't ever forget that! I love you! 

Your Sister, 

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