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Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 201

Dear Little One, how are things in your world? Things are good here. Today, I helped with school, and cleaned the house. It was kinda boring, but hey that's part of life. :) 
Micah got a temporary cast for his toe. He can take it on and off for showers and at bed time. You pump it up when you put it back on so it will support the foot. When they went to the fracture clinic they told your dad it was going to cost $160 (which we didn't have). So my dad asked them if there was any other way. So the nurse went in the back, and she said, well, we have this one, some one used it for 2 days and brought it back. You can have it for free if you want it. So he said yes!!! God has been so good to us to povide for our needs. Back to the God's grace, who knows if he planned for that person not to need it, just so we could have a free one, all for the simple fact that He would keep His Word. :) 
I've been thinking and complaining about this person in my church that I've been dealing with. They really get on my nerves sometimes. I go back and forth with treating them like Christ. Some days when God has all of me, everything is ok, but the days when I'm struggling, it's like they're a pain. I was coming out to the kitchen to complain again, when Landon started telling this story about a missionary in Africa who woke up one morning to something moving around in his throat. He stuck his hand in and pulled out a tapeworm, he kep pulling and pulling, finally, he got it all out. It was a 3 FOOT long tapeworm! Instantly, my little annonance with this person didn't seem so big. In fact, it seemed so small it didn't even bother me any more. I realized how wrong and unorganized my priorities were. You see, Tucson,  I have life so good, and I couldn't even see it because I was blinded by my selfishness. Always be thankful for what you have kiddo, and don't complain, because who knows, you could always be pulling 3 foot long tapeworms out of your throat.  I love you Tucson!!! 

Your Sister, 

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