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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 216

Dearest little one, today you are 31 weeks old. :) 9 more weeks until you pop! Before you know it you'll be almost 20! Everyone always told me to enjoy life it will fly by, kid, you have no idea how true that is! I was almost 18 I finally understood what they mean. All my life, I couldn't wait till my next birthday, till the next holiday, or till the next whatever. One day I was on my paper route with Micah, and he jumped up from behind me, and threw a whole pile of leaves on me. My first instinct was to tell him to stop it, we have work to do, don't mess around. Then I realized something, I might not have tomorrow, I need to live for today. It was kind of like the breaking point of what God had been teaching me, and it finally clicked. We both had fun, we made memories that will last a life time, to this day he makes sure I will never forget it. So live for today kiddo, don't worry about tomorrow just enjoy the day! I love you! 

Your Sister, 

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