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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 204

Dear Tucson, I hope things are going okay in your world. I'm in a rock and a hard place today, I have no idea what to do. I've made a mistake, and it has majorly backfired in my face. Life is screwed up.
On a happy note, tomorrow we're going to the States to go shopping. :)Everyone's so excited!!! We've been counting down the days till your mommy was well enough to make the trip. We're not supposed to buy you any more clothes, BUT if I find something super cute...I just might have to get it for you. :)
We got to talk to your grandpa today. He's finished the last of his chemo treatments. He should find out by the end of this month if the cancers gone. I'm really hoping and praying it is! He's kind of had a rough few days with a cold, but he finished his antibiotics today, so they should work soon. I don't know where your grandma was, she might've still been at work. She has to drive an hour and a half (both ways) so it's pretty hard for her. :(
Well, I'm gonna go, always be careful who you trust. Do what the Bible tells us, "try the spirits to see whether they be of God..." The good thing about all of this is, I learned I need to seek and pray for wisdom in EVERY area of my life, not just the things I think I need help in. It's hard for this screwed up brain of mind to take in the concept that I don't know everything, and I need God for everything, even my next breath. So kiddo, I'm gonna let you go, trust God for everything. I love you!

Your Sister,

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