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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 203

Dear Tucson, how are you today? We are all doing well, even your mommy is having a good day! :) I helped out a lot with school today. I've been helping Alexa in Geometry, which I love and I helped Samuel and Landon in English. I did a LOT of scoring. lol :) Apparently, we're missing several score keys, so I had to score them with my own brain. ;) Make sure you study hard and do all your school work, it will help you out in life. Education is very important. I loved school, and I hope you will, too.
Yesterday, your parents went and checked out the hospital. The goal is for you to be born at home, but in case you were to decide to come before 37 weeks, you have to be born at the hospital, she said it was semi decent. Personally, I hate hospitals, so I would really like it if you come after 37 weeks:) If you do decide to come, rest assured I will still come visit you. I've survived the others, well, minus Micah. (he was born at home) She also got her Rhogam shot, she has to get one everytime she's pregnant because she's RH-.
Your brothers have for sure decided to play on the rep ball team. Their practices are on Thursdays and Saturdays till Feb. and then they will start the actual season.     
I don't have any advice or at least I can't think of anything today (you're probably thinking, "thank God" lol) so just do what you know. :) I love you!!!

Your Sister, 

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