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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 168

Dear little one! Today, you are 24 weeks old! I am so excited, because the number of days left till you get here is the now the same number of days (how old you were) when I first started writing this blog! We are slowing getting closer, I think we are "4 slushies away" from seeing you. The other day, your mommy took Micah and Alexa to get slushies, (they get them after the chiropractor(did I tell you that already?) but I was volunteering. So today your mommy picked me up and took me to get my slushie.:)
I talked to your grandma and grandpa today. They are doing pretty good. The last treatment your grandpa had went really good. He wasn't in any pain at all, and he really didn't have to recover like last time.
Micah got this movie from the library called "Nim's Island." He wanted us to watch it with him, I thought it was kinda lame and boring, but I'm 19 and he's 8, so go figure. :p
I went to the other side of town to teach piano lesson. I love taking the subway and seeing all the different people. I've learned two things that should NEVER be on a subway, i'm sure there are more, but these are the most pressing ones of today. 1. People from different nationalities who don't wear deodorant and 2. woman who wear short shorts and don't shave their legs. I think both are utterly disgusting. Well, that's my rant for today. lol I gotta go clean the kitchen. I love you kiddo!!!!

Your Sister,

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