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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 155

Hey lil one! How are you?? Your mommy walked a bunch yesterday, and she said you must've been really worn out, because you didn't move at all during the night. You were really active today though! :) I can't wait till I can feel you kick.
Tonight was church. We did something different we do everyone once in a while. The whole church will write letters to some one, and this time we wrote to a 14 year old boy named Jimmy. He has a cancer in a bone in his leg, and if they can't get it out(he's having surgery on Friday) then they will have to amputate his leg. They are going to try to remove the bone, (it's a smaller one) and put a fake bone inside. So we are praying that's all that will be needed and that the cancer hasn't spread.
On a happier note, on the way home we went to Tim Hortons, which was good as always. It's fun walking home at night, I love the sky. Plus, it's good exercise. We have to make room for that Tims somehow. ;) lol
Oh, I almost forgot, your mommy went to church tonight for the first time in at least two months! Everyone was really glad to see her...I told my dad I think people only come to see her. hahahah:p It really wore her out though, I hope she won't be really weak tomorrow.
Your mommy bought you the cutest little outfit today, it says, little ______ on the front. It's a little onesie(I have no idea how to spell that lol) with pants and little booties. You're going to look sooo cute in it.:) Although, I'm sure you will be adorable in anything you wear. I hope you sleep good tonight. I love you so much!!!!

Your Sister,

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