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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 154

Dear you, today you're 22 weeks old. I did ask your mommy how much you weigh, and you weigh 1 lb. and 6 oz. so I was right.:) The doctor said that is a very good weight. I have no idea, so I'm gonna trust her. :) Today was very boring, another normal day. I volunteered, came home cleaned the house, taught a piano lesson, and then your brothers and I hit the gym. I did the arc trainer for an hour and 20 min. I know, I'm gonna be sore tomorrow, but there was this really good tv show on, and I wanted to finish it. lol
You would be so proud of your big brother Micah. He had an infected tooth, so he had to get his root canal cleaned and then a cavity filled. He was so brave. I felt so bad for him, the one side of his mouth was soooo swollen. I'm so thankful to God I've never had to have any major dentist work. They gave him this little toy car and airplane, so he was very pleased.
I'm drawing a blank of what to tell you, so I guess I'm going to end this post. I love you bunches!!!! xoxo

Your Sister,

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