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Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 157

Dearest little one! Guess what??? Your mommy bought you your first t-shirt!!! I can't believe you will be small enough to fit into it, yet at the same time I can't believe you will grow big enough to wear it. lol You will be so cute in it, all of us look good in white, it's perfect for our skin color!
Today, when Micah and I were walking we found this little stray dog. He was so cute! I wanted to take him home with us, and I knew Daisy would enjoy having some company. He followed us for a little while, then walked back. He looked half chihuahua with some other mix. Micah was hoping for a reward, but it didn't have a collar or anything on it, so I'm guessing it didn't have an owner. In Toronto, it's against the law to have a dog without a collar and license. He looked hungry, but I was afraid to take him home in case he carried a disease or something. Well, that and your daddy would not be pleased with another dog in this house:) Whenever you mommy wanted a dog, she got pregnant. So finally, we got a dog, and your daddy said, I wanted a baby! lol So for this Christmas instead of another dog, we get YOU!!! He likes dogs, but not necessarily for us to have one.
They opened up this new little coffee bar close to our house, I think I'm going go next week. It's really cute and has a warm feeling to it. I hope its good, because it's kinda expensive, but I wanted to help support it, because we need nice places in our neighborhood.
Your brother Micah is such a 21st century kid, he goes and puts his taekwondo thing on, and says he wants me to take pictures of him, so I can put them on my facebook. lol So...I guess I'm going to go upload the pictures. I love you!!!

Your Sister,

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