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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 161

Hey kiddo! I still haven't got to feel you kick:( So that's sucks. lol I guess my time will come soon enough. Today, was pretty busy. I went and volunteered at the shelter, which went really well actually. I got to see one of my friends, so that's cool. I didn't serve today, I only worked in the kitchen.
All tonight, I hand wrote addresses for our prayer letter. Now that was a long job. lol Usually, we print them, but 2 months ago, your daddy got his harddrive wiped. He saved all the addresses to a memory stick, but he got a new computer program, which won't read the files. So therefore, we had to enter them all in. However, with the new program, we weren't quite sure how to print them off invidiually onto envolopes, so I entered them into the new program and wrote them out manually. So we have till next month to figure it out.:)
The boys finished day 2 of their basketball camp. They said to day went a lot smoother. I'm very pleased with them, they are some of th best players in the camp. :) They were telling their friends that their grandpa played professional basketball for the Harlem Globe Trotters and the Kansas City Kings. They were impressed and said they were going to google him. hahaha I don't think they had google/websites in his day! Now, if you looked at old newspapers, I'm sure you will find something.
I'm going to go to bed, were going to the states early tomorrow, to mail the prayer letters. I love you!!

Your Sister,

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