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Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 146

hey lil one!!! I I said I was going to put pictures up today, but I didn't.:( Mondays are my cleaning days:) so all day I cleaned and did laundry. I don't really mind though, I enjoy it. Laundry is my favorite chore. I know I'm weird.:p I love a clean house though! It drives me insane when it's dirty(ask all your siblings lol) now I don't mind a dirty room, (which right now and most of the time it is, that only gets cleaned once a week, and I ran out of time, so that's gonna have to wait;) but I can't stand a dirty house! lol It's almost 11 and I can't really put pictures up now, but on the bright side we have a really clean house with all the laundry done.:)
I have a really cool testimony to tell you. You know how I told you the van broke down? Well, your daddy as well as the mechanic thought it was the alternator, so we were waiting till we got paid to fix it. Today, your daddy took it down to get it fixed, but it turned out to just be the battery which was still under warrnity. We were able to get it fixed for nothing!!!!! Praise God! To make matters even better, we (your daddy and the four oldest siblings) were going to do a fill in early morning newspaper route, and the total of what we made was only going to pay to fix the van, but almost as soon as your daddy heard the van was going to be fixed for nothing, the newpaper manager called and said he didn't need us to work. God was so awesome, I couldn't help but wonder if God fixed the alternator since we wouldn't be working. Then later the newpaper manager texted and told us he still needed us, could we work. So we said yes, and all the credit and thanks to Jesus we can use the money for other needs!!!! God truly is amazing! I love you lil one!!

Your Sister, Larra

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