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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 145

Hey beautiful! Today, was a very fun exciting day. :) lol it was our summer adventure at church. It was kinda rainy outside, so a lot of people were gone or asleep, but my partner and I got to talk to two guys who seemed interested. I pray they will come. Another guy slammed a door in our face, which I thought was funny, I guess I should be sad he rejected the Gospel, but I still found it amusing. Your sister, Alexa, shared something with us at church that really enlightened all of us. She said, God should her the people that reject us, not to take it personal, because most of them have no idea what we are trying to give them. That's so true!
We took the subway to church, and since it's Sunday we got a day pass (we can go any where for the day) where all of us could ride for only $10. No bride today. lol:) Anyway, on the way home we had to walk, because I accidently left the pass in this bag I took to church with a lady's dishes in it. The walk isn't super bad, but a 40 min. walk in heels can seem loooonnnngg. lol We had a little photo shoot, and I was going to post pics, but it's too late now; so I will put them up tomorrow. We stopped and went to Tim Hortons. They have the BEST coffee and the freshest cookies, donuts, timbits, bagels, biscuts, you name it and they probably have it. I got a chocolate Danish. yummy! You will love that place. It's so tempting. I used to get ten chocolate timbits (donut holes) twice a week when I went to volunteer. I noticed I gained 5 lbs. Then one of my moms friends told us that was 600 calories!!!! I was like no way, but it was, so I cut that out, to once a month if that. lol Well, I'm gonna hit the sack, I'll post the pics tomorrow. I love you!!!

Your Sister,

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