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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 159

Hey kiddo! It's Sunday! Unfortunately, it rained today, so we weren't able to go out door knocking, which was disappointing, but oh, well, God knows what He's doing. We only have one more Sunday left of our summer adventure and then we embark on our services of "new beginnings" at church. I wonder what God will do. I have some very exciting news to tell you. Do you remember how I told you on Wednesday, we wrote to a boy who had a tumor that was cancerous(I have no idea if that's a word, but it means it has cancer lol) in his leg? Well, God did a miracle. Three surgeons had looked at it, and said the tumor had cancer, then they got a big-wig surgeon from London, who came and looked at it. Guess what? The tumor was biennial, cancer free! God did an absolute miracle. Now I know a lot of people are saying, oh, the other guys were just am matures, but I believe hears the real story: When the 3 surgeons said it was cancerous, people all over the world got down on their knees and called on the "Great Physician." He heard their call came down and looked for Himself, and took care of the tumor. By the time the surgeon from London flew in, the "Great Physician" was already done, and BAM! the cancer was gone. See Tucson, you can't beat serving God.
On a side note, we might be able to feel you kick in the next few days. You were kicking a lot yesterday, but all of us we're gone except for Alexa. Your mommy kept calling her, but she had headphones in her ears and couldn't hear. You kicked a couple of times today, but by the time I came and put my hand on your mommy's belly, you had stopped. So hopefully soon, I will be able to feel it. I dunno why your picking NOW to stop being so active. lol I guess mabye since your getting bigger you don't have as much space to move around:) Well, I'm gonna sign off, I need to help Landon with his math. I love you!!!

Your Sister,

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