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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 156

Dear Lil one, your big brother Micah is so excited to have you come. He can't wait. He was at the store desparately trying to find you an outfit! :) He couldn't find one he liked, so your mommy said she would take him to another store a different day. He said the cutest thing, he said, I want to hold MY______, I don't want to hold any body elses _______, I want to hold MY _______. Since he was the baby before you came along, all he's ever know is holding someone elses sibling. Needless to say, he is very happy you're coming.
Your mommy has also been doing a lot of shopping, I guess looking around is a better way to put it. We haven't bought a lot of stuff yet, she's trying to find the best deals and the wisest purchases. You'd be amazed at how much stuff has changed in 8 years! They have new everything, who know what it'll be like when you have have kids of your own!!!
Tonight with dinner your mommy and sister made homemade rolls. They were sooo delicious! One thing for sure is, your mommy is one of the best cooks. I guess you could say I'm biased, but it's true.;) Everyone always likes what she makes, I'm pretty picky, so I would know.:) She always goes out of her way to find us to recipes to try, and if we don't like parts of it, she will change it to fit what we like. Tucson, don't ever underestimate your mommy, she loves you more than you will ever know, and will do whatever is needed for you. Yes, she has her faults, but the good outweigh the bad hands down. When things go wrong or something happens the way I don't like it, I always say, what did I do to deserve this?? The thing is, a lot of the time, I probably do deserve it, but all of us kids, have done nothing good enough to where God chose to favor us and giving us the best mommy in the entire world! Gods good, He gave us just the right mom, and she loves us, she really does. I hope you will give her the love and respect that not only God commands you to, but also the respect she deserves. Then regardless of the situation she will always be respected, because sometimes you won't be able to see why she deserves it, and in those times all you can do is respect her because it's what the Bible says. Now that I'm older I can see it, but there were times I couldn't. Walk by faith kid, I know you'll do alright. I love you kiddo!!!

Your Sister,

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