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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 151

Hey! How are things going in your world? Early this morning your daddy and I did the saturday paper route. It was a lot easier than the one we did two years ago, but at the same time it wasn't. The route setup was really weird with no ryhme or reason to it. lol The other route we did was less confusing, and had a better layout. Praise God though, everything went smoothly. We were done on time, no one was hurt, and no complaints that I heard about.( well, minus the ones from the people whose houses I accidently hit their door....hahaha:)  
Micah had his tykwando today, and he got another strip for his belt! He only needs two more strips and he gets to move onto the next belt. I'm so pleased with his hard work. They're having a picnic next week(did I tell you about that?) so he is very excited about that! He asked me to come with, which I of course said yes! I will try and take some pictures.
We had a some good family time tonight. We were(well most of us) singing together while I played the piano, it was so much fun. I love it when we all sing together. Micah made us a mini bowling alley. He stacked cups on top of each other and we had to see how many we could get done with a tennis ball. I love the creativity of kids. It's amazing what they can come up with. Once we get older we kind of lose that. It's funny though, whenever you're around kids it comes back to you. I wonder if that's one (of the many) reasons God chose for children to grow up and have children of their own. You're a kid for a while, you grow up, have kids of your own and then the little carefree child comes out again. I don't really know, just a thought. Imma go to bed now, goodnight, and sweet dreams. I love you!!!

Your Sister,

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