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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 144

Dear baby, how is life in your world? Today has been a very interesting day. lol We went to Orfus Road.(an outlet mall road, it really sucks most of the time, but sometimes you get good stuff.) We saw the weirdest thing, a BRIDE got on the bus! It's the worst, dirtiest, oldest bus route in Toronto, and a bride gets on. I was thinking, you couldn't get a cab on your wedding day????:) hahah I wish I would've had my camera! The things people miss when they don't live in downtown T.O.!

This picture is a picture of the sky with a full moon.( full moons come once every month) Your sister, Alexa, took this one. I thought it turned out beautiful! I wanted to show you a picture of the sky since I told you about it the other night, the picture doesn't do justice to how beautiful is really is, but it's still a great picture.:) Well, I gotta go, I'm supposed to help cook something, although I can't remember what. lol You daddy went to the store to get more food for your mommy, you must be sooooo energetic, because your mommy's still eating a LOT of food. lol She was doing some better, but since the van broke down, she had to walk and take the bus to the chiropractor, and it really wore her out, and she's been sore and had headaches. Hopefully, she'll be better tomorrow. I gotta go, I love you!!!

Your Sister,

Ps. I had to update the post. After I posted this, your mommy excitedly say, "I believe Tucson's moved up in the world!" (she said you were high up, instead of being so low in her belly) I just remembered I'm supposed to make gravy for the french fries. lol love you!

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