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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day 149

Dearest lil one, it seems everywhere I go, I either see a pregnant woman or a woman with a baby. I know I'm just noticing it more since your mommy's pregnant, but it seems weird. lol I can't wait till we're the ones with the new baby! I'm really hoping you're a girl, although we will have to change your nickname:) Micah has so many dresses picked out for you! lol He's VERY specific on what type of dresses you can wear, and they can ONLY be cute. If you a girl, you're probably going to be the most overprotected kid in the world....
It's Thursday, so Micah and I went to the library. He apparently got a book soaked in the middle and I didn't know it, so instead of letting it dry, I took it back today, and now we have to pay $9 dollars for one of the dumbest books in the library. Needless to say, both of us were VERY upset with the librarian. lol
I embarked on the two hour adventure of cleaning my room, I have no idea hoe it gets so messy. I think it's because everyone hangs out in here, but I don't know for sure. :p I was hoping to find something I'd lost or forgotten I had, but I came up with nada. I guess since I cleaned it about 2 weeks ago, it wasn't long enough to "lose" or "forget" something, which is good and bad. lol
I wish your mommy would get better soon, she hasn't had a "good" day in well over a week. It really sucks watching her like this, I guess it's just part of life. I really shouldn't complain, because honestly I/we're blessed. Our mom is sick at home with a healthy baby(you;), when she could be dying of cancer or some incurable diease. She could've had a stroke and be paralyzed or she could've been in a very severe carwreck and be in a coma. You see Tucson, we've been blessed. I read this verse in Bible this morning, "the Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord." For a while, God gave us a mommy with good health, but for now He's chosen to take it away, so blessed be the name of the Lord. I know as soon as we can hold you, it will be worth it. I love you, baby!!!!

Your Sister,

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