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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 158

Hey you! Today, started very early for me! I did the paper route with your daddy again! When I say early, it ain't no joke either. lol The papers were and hour and 10 minutes late which really sucked. However, we made the best of it and crashed in the car. It was a little uncomfortable, but hey it was good sleep. :) It was perfect timing when we woke up, the truck had just got there, although, I was a little upset they couldn't have come 5 more minutes late, because if they come an hour and 15 minute late we get paid bonus for waiting. Oh, well, tis life. The papers are late a lot, so most people either sleep or talk with their friends(we don't know anyone else who works for the star). People make two rows with their cars with just enough room for the truck to come in between them, and then the truck drivers throw the papers off the truck, you put them in your car and another car pulls up. So that way, it's not chaotic, and plus for the people that sleep the person behind them honks their horn to wake them up. Anyways, after we got the papers the route with smoothly, and we were a lot quicker this week! We had one complaint, which really sucks because it cost us $4.00 for each one, but it's ok. We think the guy was blind or something, cuz we remember doing his house. lol;)
After we did the route, we came home and crashed. We got up and went to this BBQ thing with the boys, and your daddy went to take Micah to taekwondo. He was so happy, he got all his strips for this belt. He has to test to move on to the next belt, (white with a yellow strip going through it)but I don't know when that is. Then we went together to counsel this person from church. It went ok, but they didn't seem to get it. Later, we recieved a call, and the indiviual had got it. God did a miracle! I realized now, previously, I had lost my vision for what God could do in that persons life, now I can't wait to see what He's gonna do. You know, Tucson, today, I realized something. There's so much in this world, that will pull at you and try to get your attention to make you happy, but the real joy comes from obeying God. Don't listen when the world tells you it's money, family, friends, cars, houses, relationships, husband/wife, or whatver the case maybe. It's Jesus Christ. I have two goals in my life I want to achieve before I die, one is to make a difference in someones life forever, and second is to have a part in someones salvation. Today, came pretty close to completing goal no. 1. That's what I want to do with my life, make a difference. Please, don't let the world have you. I love you too much and God does to. I pray for you often and for your future, I know God has something special for you, don't miss out, He always has the best plans! I love you kiddo!!!

Your Sister,

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