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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 147

Hey lil one! Guess what?? I got pictures to put up today. The first one is of Alexa, she's texting, pretty much what she does all the time, jk. lol Whenever she can get a turn from her brothers. (you wouldn't believe how much they hog the phone!) Oh, and just so sam doesn't get spiffy with me, HE took this picture.

The next pictures are of us at Tim Hortons. ( I don't have one of Alexa at Tims, Landon took some, but they didn't turn out or something, so I had to get one of hers from the ones that were taken at church.) We had so much fun! There was a guy behind one of our tables(the biggest tables they have there we're for 2, so we took up 3 lol) who looked like his dog died, but by the time he's drank his coffee, he was sitting there laughing. I'd like to say he was laughing with us, but I think it was more at us. haha We were crazy. :) The first pic is of me-larra.
This picture is of micah . He is wearing his brother's glasses(yes, you saw it right, there are no lenses. it's supposed to be the "style" lol) He makes us laugh all the time. You should hear some of the stuff he comes up with, it's hilarious!
This picture is of samuel. He's the oldest. He's the one who is like me personality wise (remember I told you that I was hoping you would have my personality? We need another one, because we've been outnumbered:)
The last picture is of landon fixing his jacket. (typical Landon :) I'm not sure what "pose" he was going for, but I think he definitely rocked it. that guy is so photogenic, or at least he loves having his picture taken.
Well, I hope you liked the pictures, we had a lot of fun that night. I'm sure we'll tell you everything we did sometime when you're older. I love you!

Your Sister,


  1. Wow sis way to make us look bad about the phone (:

  2. haha-sorry....did you want me to lie to a baby??? lol besides, if I don't tell him, Tucson will never know what it was like in the "old" days when 4 ppl shared a cell phone, since he will prolly have his, that just sounds wrong. lol