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Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 153

Dearest lil one! I'm so excited, because today I got to hear your heartbeat again! It's the most precious thing, it's breath taking. I think it's amazing something so small can mean so much. This time all of us went to the midwife appointment. You would like her, she's super nice, and she is really supportive of all of us kids being involved with our mom and the pregnancy. I was very happy everyone got to hear the baby's heartbeat. I wish you could've seen the looks on their faces. When the midwife found the heartbeat, I began to look around at everyones faces, and they lit up like Christmas trees. I would've loved to have had picture, but I don't think a picture could've captured the moment. :)
After the midwife appointment, we were able so schedule an ultrasound. (yay!!!!) So we not only got to see you, but we found out what sex you are! It was amazing to be able see you. You were moving a LOT! The doctor said it was because you were excited we were all here. lol We could see your little head moving up and down, and you were opening and closing your hands. You were so cute! I can't wait to hold you. I wish you were coming tonight. Everything is perfect. Your heartbeat is very strong, you have no problems, your growing steadily, and you have two legs, two feet, two ears, and two eyes. They told us how much you weighed, I can't remember exactly, it's either 1 lb. and 1 oz. or 1 lb. and 6 oz. I want to think the last measurement is correct, but I'm thinking that's a little big in terms of how far along you are. I will ask your mommy tomorrow, she's already in bed. I love you!!

Your Sister,

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