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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 141

Hey lil One!!! How are you today? Things are going good here. Today, it was very hot so I took Micah to the wading pool. As I sat there and watched him play he was having so much fun by himself. Although, I couldn't help, but notice all the other little kids seemed to act as if he wasn't there. I was thinking to myself, I wish some of the other kids would play with him and be his friend. The longer I sat there, I watched as all the kids seemed to follow this one girl. She was bigger than all of the other ones, and everyone seemed to follow her and do whatever she wanted. Then I noticed this one little girl who wanted to play by herself. The girl "in charge" didn't like this, so she went and told the little girl you can't be my friend any more. She began to cry, and said, no, please let me be your friend. So the bigger girl said, ok, now we have to test our friendship. So she made the little girl crawl on her hands and knees pushing a ball around the bigger girl in a complete circle, until she made it back to the bigger girl and gave her HER ball. So the bigger girl said, ok, I guess you can be my friend. I thought how sad. After watching this, I was glad that none of those kids wanted to be friends with Micah. I was like, what is this world coming to???!!! I was so disappointed, these are KIDS!! I mean KIDS!!! I know you probably thinking I'm ranting on, but there is a purpose Tucson, (micah i love tucson)<---(that note is from Micah) the purpose is I don't want you to ever be afraid to do your own thing. Be who you were made to be. I will back you up no matter what. In this world, there will be people pressuring you to do things, good or bad, do what YOU know is right and what YOU want to do. Don't follow the crowd, if the crowd happens to be doing what you're doing that's fine, but don't follow them because you feel pressured. I love you lil one, I know I can't protect you from everything out there, but I hope that I can prepare you for what is there. I want you to know, I will love you no matter what you will do, good or bad. It is my hope and prayer that you will choose right, but that said I know you won't always make the right choices. Because neither have I, but learn from the mistakes, and when you choose to do wrong, I will still love you. I may be sad, but I will NEVER stop loving you.

Your Sister,

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