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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 139

Hey Tucson! Today is a Civic Holiday in Canada. We have had a very nice and relaxing holiday. Well, your daddy and your sister did a early morning paper route. Then came home and we all slept in.:) We got up and had a nice breakfast. Then some people went back to bed, and I cleaned the house some. We got wonderful news that your grandpa's (in Missouri)tumor on his lung has shrunk two cm. after only 2 treatments of radiation! We are very thankful to God for that, because that is a miracle and we know it could only be Him.
Afterwards, I went out with a friend to a nearby park and we walked the trails and had ice cream. (yummy!) Samuel and Landon went with your daddy to go play basketball at the gym. I don't know what the rest of them did. Alexa is making MORE homemade ice cream since it's the holiday. I wanted to get pictures of everyone, but they are being "un-photogenic" and making threats at me...Your mommy said I would die, and never be allowed to use the computer, so I said I will just use my itouch. So she gave me the "look" and your sister threatened to kill me....Tucson, this place is very dangerous, I would think twice before you decide to pop. JK lol I can't wait till you do. I love you!!!

Your Sister,

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