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Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 257

Dear Little One, the route this morning took forever! We get coffee every morning when we go, and today's was burnt, and we'd already driven away before I started drinking it. So I didn't drink it therefore I was very miserable. Then towards the end of the route, guess what I did? I decided to follow my own advice, I started thinking of things I could be thankful for. It worked, it gave me the strength to keep going and it changed my whole perspective on the route. :)
I came home and crashed for two hours and then we embarked on a MAJOR house clean. You can come any day now, so the house has to be spotless. I didn't really understand why, because it's not like you will remember. lol The other reason we cleaned was so we could set the Christmas tree up. We want to have everything ready before you get here, apparently our lights from last year don't work any more. So Papa, Micah, and I went to three different stores trying to find lights. We came home with some, but they weren't the right kind. By the time we figured it out the store was closed, so we have a tree covered with a fourth of lights. :) For the past I can't even remember how long I've put the lights on the tree and every one helps put the ornaments on, so tomorrow when I get back from volunteering I'll put them on. :)
Well, kiddo, I'm shot. I love you!!!!

Your Sister,

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