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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Day 230

Dear Little One, I can barely keep my eyes open, it's been a full day. I started with the paper route, then came home and slept for two hours, and I was on my way to go volunteer. Next, I came home for a bit and now I'm going to teach my last piano lesson for the day. :)
So today is Day 2 for us to be vegitarians, and we're almost done. So far we've had good meals that everyone likes. I'm realizing we can be vegitarians and not eat all that crazy, scary, weird food. :) I'm super picky, so that's probably why I've always feared it. I have to say, I had my biggest temptations today and it was only Day 2! I've really been craving chicken nuggets (I know, I'm crazy) so last Friday I had some, they were soooo delicious! Then today at the place where I volunteer guess what we had???? Chicken nuggets! I wanted one soooo bad, I withheld, and I didn't eat meat. Everyone knows where I'll be come December 1st! McDonalds getting chicken nuggets. lol ;) 
I've been thinking a lot (you're probably thinking oh, boy! Here she goes!) about decisions we make, big or small, and the affect they have on eternity. For example, salvation is a big decision, and it will determine where we spend our eternity  while one the other hand the decision of what we're going to think about is small, but what if the day you decide to fill your mind with wicked thoughts, is the day you needed to be filled with the Holy Spirit, so you can witness to your neighbor, your friend, or the stranger on the street. That was your (or mine) one chance, and we blew it. The person could die and go to hell, we'll never know till heaven. They're both decisions, one's big and one's small, yet they both have a huge affect on eternity. So those are my thoughts today, how important every decision we make in life is. I love you, dear little one!

Your Sister, 

Ps. On a side note, it's less than 50 days till you get here!!!! :)

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