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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 231

Dear Little Person, I'm getting so excited, because it's so close till you get here. :) Only 48 days left. I can remember when you weren't even that old. :) 
Today, was Wednesday so Micah and I went to the Library. He found a Flat Stanely book, so he was very excited. It was a new one, we had read most of the ones at our branch. 
I wanted to share something with you from tonight's Bible Study. We were in the bonus time, and our dad was talking about the love of God. He said, you will never find any verse in the Bible that says God's love is unconditional. God's love doesn't come with conditions. (read 1 Cor. 13) That love has no conditions, to have a "love" with conditions isn't love at all. Many times we say we love people, but we really don't, because our "love" has conditions with it. It's so easy to only "love" certain people because they meet our "conditions" instead of loving like God loves us. It was a real eye opener for me. Be careful not to pick and choose who you want to love, because that's loving with conditions. Love everyone like Jesus. I love you dear little one. 

Your Sister, 


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