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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 249

Dear Little Person, I guess we'll call this grandparent's weekend. Today's post is about Papa Alex  (I'm trying to get a picture of him, but right now it's not working) and Grandma Hazel. ( I unfortunately don't have any pictures of her on the computer, only a few snap shots. I could scan one, but our wifi isn't working, so I can't use Papa's laptop) They lived in a small (yes, it was small) little double wide trailer in Texas. Every summer for as long as I can remember (until we moved to Canada) they would drive up and meet our parents half-way and take us back to Texas for 2 weeks. It was so much fun, but it was always very HOT, and that is NO exaggeration. They would let us play in the backyard and we would make mud pies and such. Every Saturday we would drive about 20-30 minutes to the nearest big town and go grocery shopping. We loved that, they would let us pick out one pop each, and we could get some form of junk food. After we shopped all day at the very end they took us to Dollar General and would give us $2 or $3 each and we could buy whatever we wanted. We always looked forward to that after a long day of shopping. Those were good times. Grandma Hazel went to be with Jesus a few years back, and we miss her terribly, but we are very thankful we know where she is, and that we will see her again. After we moved to Canada, Papa Alex promised us he would come to Canada when he was 70. He kept his word, he drove all the way from Texas just to see us. We had so much fun, every night we would all pile in my parents room and watch Blue Jays baseball with him and eat blueberry cheese cake ice cream. (which if you've never tried you're definitely missing out.) It was good times. :) He has now moved to another state and is closer to us. He is going to try to come in the early part of next year to met you, so we shall see what happens. :) If not he will meet you at Alexa's graduation. (assuming we're all still living. ;) I hope you have enjoyed grandparents weekend. I love you!!!!

Your Sister,

PS My computer is not co-operating, so I will try upload the picture tomorrow. :)

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