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Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 240

Dear Little One, today I went and helped this family in our church with their homeschooling. I love Algebra. lol I hope you like it, at first I didn't get it, but our dad spent a lot of time teaching me, and I finally got it. Now I love doing it and helping others with it. 
I had to eat meat today. I was kinda sad to break it, but at the same time it was okay. The family I helped tutor offered me a meal and we agreed from the beginning that we would eat anything placed before us. (there's a verse in the Bible that says we're supposed to) I was so suprised, but it wasn't even that good. It was like I was eating too much food. I can definitely live without it for the rest of month. Oh, and by the way those veggie burgers were sooooo digusting. I hate them. I was hoping they were going to be good, but they weren't. Honestly, I was trying not to gag by the time my burger was half gone. So unless they're improved by the time your older, I would pass. It was sooo funny, we were done with dinner and Samuel's says, "I wonder how those veggie hotdogs are gonna be." I know it probably doesn't sound funny to you, but you just had to be there. 
I'm going to go to bed early tonight, tomorrow we've got the big paper route. I love you!!! 

Your Sister, 

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