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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 248

Dear Little One, How are you today? I've been trying to recover our apartment most of the day. I wouldn't say a bomb went off while I was gone, but maybe someone came and ransacked our house?? lol It wasn't quite that bad, but it was seriously lacking in the clean house department. We're just about back to where I left it. I'm amazed how fast it gets dirty, come Monday morning and I'll do it all over again. Tis life I's definitely a crazy one.

I'm adding a picture of our grandparent's in today's most. They are your mommy's parents. On the left is Paw Paw and on the right is Meme. This picture was taken at Paw Paw's 45th class reunion. I definitely hope Jesus comes back before my 45th class reunion. I most likely won't have one, but either way I hope He does. I honestly can't imagine living to see that. So far the highest I've thought about is late 20's. They say take one day at a time, but I guess I just don't see myself getting older. So one day at time it is. Anyways, back to our grandparents. They live a beautiful little house, (it's actually pretty big, but little goes with my story better.) in the country with one or two acres of land. I can't remember. They have this little swing set in the yard that I've played for as long as I can remember. Sometimes they would drive up to get us on Friday's after they got off of work and bring us back Sunday morning. Every year the week before Easter they would drive up and take us shopping and every kid got new outfits for Easter Sunday. I always looked forward to that. :) Alexa and I got the cutest dresses, and Samuel and Landon got pants with shirts and ties. We were all a handsome bunch. Those were the good 'ole days as they say. Life was so simple back then. Although, if given the chance I probably wouldn't go back. So instead every once in a while I let myself drift back to those days and thank God for all the great memories I have. I am truly blessed. They are both very excited to meet you! If all goes well it should be sometime in May at Alexa's graduation. I'm sure they will spoil you, every good grandparent does. I hope I'm like that. I do wish mine lived closer, but I would probably make them go broke with all the Cheez its and cheese cake ice cream. :) I hope you don't think I only love them for what they do for me, because that's not true at all. We all have a great relationship and I love them dearly, I would do anything for them. They're the best in the world, because they're mine. I know you'll feel the same one day. I love you kiddo!!!

Your Sister, 

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