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Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 136

Dearest lil one! How are you doing? Do you like the lil gadget I put up of your countdown till you pop out? I guess it's not really "popping out", but that's what some people call it. :) I thought it was so cute! Although, it did sadden me a bit, it's around 144 days till you get here, which mean I have to write a 144 blog posts until then!!! It will be a miracle, I've never even remember my blog password for that long, I think I'm in waaay over my head, but oh, well, I always do that. So far I've always managed to keep my head above water.:)
Nothing funny or interesting has happened today. Your daddy and I have started a blog together, (yes, he has finally made it to the 21st century!) Our goal is to encourage other Christians in their walk with God. It's so easy to get sidetracked from keeping God first, one day you'll know what I mean. I wish that you would never know what I mean. I wish you would never have your sweet little innocence taken away from you, but I also know that if that wish came true you would never be able to feel and enjoy life to the fullest. Your daddy once told me he wished he was a dog, and I said if you were a dog you would miss out on so much. You would never know what it was like to live, to love, to get married, to have children, to have friends, to go on adventures, the list goes on, but if you were to choose the easy life, you would miss out so much. You see Tucson, yes, there are bad times in life, but if you never went through them you wouldn't appreciate the good. The key is to keep your eyes on Jesus, and you can do anything. I love you lil one!

Your Sister,

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