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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 124

Hey precious!!! I wish you could've been here today, it was a beautiful day! Today, we started out our summer adventure at church, where we knock doors and/or pass out tracts/flyers in the morning. I LOVED it!!! I was a lead partner, at first I was thinking, why in the world did I decide to be lead instead of silent partner. I always freak out when starting conversations. Anyway, God helped me ge over my fear, and each time it gets easier. Today, my partner was Yodit, we had a good time. I'm so excited, I can't wait till next week. I think this will be great in our church, for our community to see us out trying to reach people.
Tonight in church your daddy(he's the preacher) was talking about how we shouldn't complain when it's hot. (that's not what the sermon was on, it was just bonus) He went on to talk about how God made us sweat glands so we could sweat to help us cool off. As he was talking he said, God took dirt and created us! We have such intricate details, to have come from dirt. How did He know to give us sweat glands to help us cool off in heat??!! God truly is amazing! I loved science in school when we learned about the human body parts, and all their functions. Oh, Tucson, God did that with dirt!!! When I think about the fact that God Almighty not only let's us serve Him, but also wants us to serve Him is amazing and humbling at the same time. He treats us so much better than we deserve. When I look over my life, and look at all the times I've failed Him, I sit here in amazement that God will chose to love me! ME! I owe Him so much. Well, I must go, I love you, dear lil one!

Your Sister,

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