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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 128

Dear Tucson, how are you today? Things are good here. I was craving something sweet. I wanted something different, something from the norm of what we generally bake. After going through 5 cookbooks, I finally found something that sounded good, and we had all the ingredients for, well, minus the M&Ms. So I sent your brother, Samuel, to the convience store to get us some.:) I made a pizza cookie, with m&ms, then I shredded a candy bar on top. It looked and tasted yummy!;)
We are watching this movie called, "The Love Letter." it's really weird, I'm hoping the ending is satisfactory. Sometimes I have no idea how some movies actually made it. I do enjoy a good movie though, I think they're one of the best inventions. It's something quiet (emphasis on the QUIET lol:) and relaxing we can do as a family.
Your mommy has found a bassinet and a baby swing for you. She was getting you a crib, but I guess she changed her mind for now. She said she will get one later, the bassinet is just for the beginning. It's going to be very different having a baby around. Today, someone gave you or us our first baby gift. I'm not sure what is the correct term. People give you stuff and say, here I got this for you. I mean the baby is the one using all of it, its not like the mother of the baby can wear oneies?! seriously people!!! I really have no idea why they say that, I guess it really doesn't matter anyways. lol Needless to say, whoever they're for, you have the cutest little socks to keep your feet warm this winter! I love you!!!!

Your Sister,

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