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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 134

Dear lil one! I'm starting to write this early tonight, because were going to a baseball game after church, (hopefully, it's not rained out!) and I'm super tired, so by the time I get home I'll probably forget.:) Your mommy and sister Alexa have been craving homemade ice cream, so today they decided to try a new recipe. It was peanut butter reese cup, which was so rich and delicious! Generally, when we make it we buy the ice, but to save money this time, we froze gallon size zipper bags with water, and well as an orange juice carton...the only problem with that is we had to get it small enough to fit in the ice cream maker. So therefore began the fun of breaking it down to fit into the ice cream maker. First, they began breaking it with frying pans inside the house, that was so loud so they took it outside wrapped it in a towel and tied it to the fence, and we broke it with a baseball bat. I know it seems rather childish, but I couldn't resist, so I went and joined the fun! We are crazy I tell you, but we do have fun!
I'm sorry this post is a little late, I thought I would get back in time to write more, but the game was delayed one hour due to rain, plus extra innings, which our team lost.:( I was so dissapointed, but they were strong and fought hard till the end, so I was proud of them! I do hope they win this weekend, or we will be out of the playoffs. I'm gonna go to bed now, I love you!!

Your Sister,

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