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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 131

Hey precious!! There's this song that says, "It's a great day to be alive, you know the sun's still shinning when I close my eyes..." Every time I have a good day, that song always comes to my mind. Today has defiantly been a great day. This is our second Sunday for our summer adventure at church. It went really well, we had even more people come to pass out tracts/knock doors. I love it. I will be sad when winter comes. :( Oh, well, I'm sure God has a different plan. The longer you stay out, the easier it is. I now know why, when in the Bible they went out my twos. It's amazing how having another person who believes like you do by your side, can encourage you. When you by yourself passing out tracts, you don't have as much boldness(or at least I don't), but when you do, it's just well, different.:)
Since we've started the summer adventure the spirit in the services have been better. Your daddy said it's due to the fact that we're actually doing "service" instead of going to "service." I think he's right. So many times we just sit at church expecting to be fed, (which to a measure we're supposed to do) instead of going out and serving. Anyway, I'm rattlingly on again about stuff way over your head! I love you!

Your Sister,

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