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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 112

Hey lil one! Today, you are 16 weeks old and 1 day. Time seems to be dragging by, I've never known 9 months to be so long. Life seemed to be flying by untill your mommy told all of us we were going to get a new sibling. She told us the wonderful news after dinner on, April 26. We were playing this guessing game, where someone describes something and we have to guess what it is. When it was momma turn to play, that was how she told us. She gave us the following hints: its another word for sibling, it's either a brother or sister, and your getting a new one in November. (Your actually coming in December, she just thought she had been preggo an extra month, which was very disappointing, but don't worry, lil one, we want you to be healthy and strong, so take your time growing!) As we all sat in shock several of us started screaming, "whaaaaaaaat????!!!!" you see, we haven't had a new sibling for 8 years! We had always wanted another sibling, but your mother thought she was done, however, God chose otherwise, and for that we are very grateful. (no, you were not an accident or a surprise. God in His own wisdom told both of your parent individually that you were destined to be.
On Monday, I went with your mommy and daddy to the midwife, and guess what?? I got to hear you heart beat. Oh, I was so excited I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. It was like that's what made it for real, it was the most amazing experience. I know I've heard some of my other siblings, but I don't remember or I didn't realize the magnitude of what it was. Your heart beat is what told me you were alive. I must go to bed lil one, it's 12:30 in the morning. I love you so very much,

Your Sister,

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